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BIM 360 Team

Purpose-built for the needs of architects, engineers and their project stakeholders, BIM 360 Team gives design teams a central location to communicate, view, markup and review 2D and 3D project design files from anywhere—simply using a web browser to a mobile device. By giving access to all team members who may need it, design teams are able to gain consensus faster, make decisions together and build stakeholder engagement using BIM 360 Team.

Centralize project information

Share design files with partners and stakeholders

Markup, comment and redline 3D and 3D files

Track design progress and version history

Access design files on Web, tablet and phone


Features and benefits

Centralize project information

Communicate as a team in one location. BIM 360 Team provides one online workspace for all project team members, helping distributed teams stay connected and organized at all times.

Connect the entire design team

Extend the ability to view, comment and markup design models to all team members, not just design authors. Simplify the review process and eliminate the need to email or file transfer large sets of data.

Accelerate decision making

Easily provide or solicit feedback with comment and markup tools. Redline drawings, comment on complex 3D models and keep an organized record of all project feedback.

Review in real-time

Hold live review sessions with built-in browser sharing. Multi-user real-time review facilitates more informed decision making, leading to faster buy-in from clients, stakeholders, and design partners.

Track the design process

Version history and control ensures that every design discipline has access to the latest information. Easily access all historical design iterations and rest assured that no file version is lost or overwritten throughout the life of a project.

Access anywhere

All team members can access critical project information from anywhere—within a web browser or mobile device.