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Autodesk PowerShape

Autodesk PowerShape

PowerShape is the ideal modeling companion for Autodesk® PowerMill® and Autodesk® FeatureCAM® helping you create the geometry you need to get the best results from your CNC machine.

Facing these challenges?

  • Working with customers’ models from many different CAD systems.
  • Increasing pressure to convert imported CAD models into molds, dies and associated tooling as quickly as possible.
  • Getting the most out of your 5-axis CNC machine and CAM software.
  • Fixing your customers’ faulty CAD files and modifying them to ensure they can be manufactured (e.g. adding draft, fillets etc.)
  • Working with large, complex models requiring intricate split lines.
  • Managing the design, production, and use of electrodes.
  • Reacting to design changes arriving late in the manufacturing process.
  • Scanning physical parts and converting the data into high quality, 3D models.


Features Autodesk PowerShape

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“The interaction between PowerMill and PowerShape has definitely streamlined our ability to manufacture molds. We can start making chips right away.”— Shawn

-Shawn McNamara, Designer | Chicago Mold Engineering