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Asidek, specialized outsourcing services supplier


Nowadays, more than ever in a higher competitive world, there is a strong conviction within companies that have a need of outsourcing some services that were performed by their own personnel in the past, focusing their efforts in the strategic business activities.

Outsourcing consists of getting an external company specialized in providing services that are not key for the organizations o that sometimes their staff have a high workload.

Outsourcing benefits for your company


Transferring the management of some tasks or functions, allows companies to focus on the key aspoects for their business, getting some benefits like:


  • Increase of profitability by improving the level of productivity.
  • Multidiscipline resource use.
  • Control optimization.
  • Cutting edge technology access.
  • Predictable cost.
  • Cost reduction of the fixed company structure.
  • Cost reduction for human resources.
  • Access to internal resources.

Asidek your outsourcing and provisioning partner.

We aim to provide you with a value proposal working hand in hand with the clients, so we can offer a service that better fits your needs and achieve real benefits for this kind of business.

Machining service

Currently the level of machining production is affordable within companies, however sometimes they do not have enough resources in order to get the programming on time and the optimization and quality standards that they are demanded with.

Asidek develops programming activities, simulation and equipment or product servicing for the main industrial suppliers and manufacturers. We have a highly qualified professional team that know in depth the standards and processes required that we provide you in order to meet the deadlines, assuring the level of quality and the requested delivery times

Digital manufacturing

With more than 25 years of experience, we are specialists within the simulation environment y we a large human team that will respond to their needs. We carry out simulation services aimed to time reduction and money in your production start-up:


  • Robotics.
  • Ergonomic studies.
  • Plant and process layout studies.
  • Optimization for plants elements.
  • Productive process management.
  • Process and maintenance improvement.
Organization and IT systems

Within our IT service there is a professional team in various IT areas. We do any kind of work related to new technologies. Our team will advise you at any time about the best configuration for your office, optimizing costs and response times.

Asidek offers specific services for the improvement and management of small systems and large environments:

  • Systems operations, microcomputing, Helpdesk.
  • Update and renewal of servers.
  • Storage systems improvement and optimization.
  • Operative systems management for Windows, Unix, Solaris, Aix, Linux.
  • Email management, Exchange, Active Directory, Lotus notes.
  • Database management Oracle, SQL, Db2…. Web application management: Apache, Tomcat, IIS, SharedPoint, WebLogic, Jboss…
  • SAP R3 system management.
  • Virtualization management with VmWare.
  • Backup & Storage management.
  • Lan/Wan network management.
  • Network security management
Asidek is very involved and present in Technology discipline and Development via their outsourcing services.
Outsourcing engineering

Through closed projects or making available specialized work teams, Asidek provides the best engineering outsourcing jobs thanks to our experience and geographical presence.

Asidek is a customer oriented organization, with Asidek you can focus in tasks related to technical specifications of your design or product, we will take care of the rest for you, with total guarantee and in the most economical way, making available engineering teams that are expertise with Autodesk solutions and software licensing, including hardware in order to provide total flexibility. Asidek team will make available for you all their know-how in each project.

Thanks to our wide experience in outsourcing and provisioning area, Asidek is the best partner when creating new services and starting-up new facilities and communications network.

Asidek helps you to outsource your engineering projects.

Asidek helps you carry out engineering projects through Outsourcing