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Customer service

Asidek´s Customer Service

Asidek offers you a wide range of customer care services, as security in your business is a must.

Hot-Line technical support service


Hot-Line maintenance contract will guarantee you preferential care and service in order to solve any trouble for the solutions provided by Asidek, with the purpose of achieving a profitable and optimum use, avoiding wasting time for the customers. We have several types of contracts:


Hot-Line Telephone

This service guarantees you telephone support and remote assistance. With our technical support team, we can solve a high percentage of issues immediately, saving you time, delays and displacements, with total assurance for the company information.

Integrated Hot-Line

In addition to telephone support and remote assistance, on-site support is included when a technician displacement is needed to a client facilities.



Installation, parametrization and updates of solutions offered by Asidek.

IT Projects

Advanced installation, virtualization projects, back-up systems, contingency plan, data migration…

Outsourcing IT

Asidek provides technicians externally for your IT department.