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Autodesk Vault

The development of data management strategy of your business with Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault helps design teams, engineering and manufacturing information and collaborate to manage their projects.

Autodesk Vault provides features designed to meet the needs of users: from improvements in design to new functionality Copy files, items and BOMs, expanded to non-CAD users access PDM and many more.


Protect their intellectual property.

Capture and reuse engineering knowledge


Improving engineering productivity

Facilitate internal and external collaboration

Supporting a distributed team


Process control engineering.

Ensure compliance with requirements.

Autodesk Vault centralizes the storage of all engineering data and related documents, which helps reduce time, avoid costly mistakes and revise and publish designs more efficiently.

Seamless integration with Autodesk CAD software

Software for data management Autodesk, Autodesk Vault Workgroup and Autodesk Vault Professional is tightly integrated with Autodesk design applications such as Autodesk® Inventor®, AutoCAD® Electrical, AutoCAD® Mechanical AutoCAD and other software. This deep integration facilitates the management of data associated with your digital prototype from engineering to manufacturing, saving time and maintaining accurate data.


Maximum copying facilities

Now it will take less to copy more files, enjoy automatic numbering and manage files will be easier than ever with the new specific window user interface design Copy.


You want to use AnyCAD? No problem.

You can add files from any CAD system Autodesk Inventor models, apply check-in, check-out and open them in Vault with the ability to also accommodate these “reference files” with Inventor data.


Working with items and files alike

Do not just protect your files, documents also protect items based on their status. You can also unify the controls life cycle and add to the flexibility elements of the life cycle of documents.


To the last detail

The interface improvements BOM provide information directly with the BOM view to facilitate more flexible and collaborative management of BOMs elements.


We shook ties between design teams

Faced with the massive demands, Vault Office now includes more features for document version control and change orders for non-designers, which makes life easier for everyone.

Autodesk Vault Basic

It is integrated in the Autodesk Suites Mechanics and the new Product Design Collection tool. All versions of Vault work with a client-server architecture on a database in SQL Server Express integrated installation.

Autodesk Vault Workgroup

It is the next step in the Vault product family.

Autodesk Vault Professional

It is the Autodesk tool for complete management of the lifecycle of a product.