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Autodesk PowerInspect

Autodesk PowerInspect

Fast and accurate inspection requires powerful functionality combined with ease-of-use. A single interface for all measuring equipment eliminates complexity and minimizes bottlenecks. Easily select the best equipment for the job and balance the workload of incoming inspections. PowerInspect provides proven programming methods for portable inspection equipment and CNC CMMs to increase your inspection flexibility.


Facing these challenges?

Multiple CAD formats from suppliers and customers
Parts with complex free form surfaces
Different software for different hardware
Flexible or fragile parts
Operators not able to use all hardware
Jig and fixture checking

Part assembly and alignment
Process optimization and control
Finding the optimum stock distribution of cast or forged parts
Part rework after removing the part from the machine
Minimizing process downtime and


Features Autodesk PowerMill

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“Without a 3D CAD file and PowerInspect, I don’t know any other way we could have verified those dimensions.”

— Gary Puhl, J.P. Pattern