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Autodesk Inventor LT

Add Mechanical 3D CAD software to modelling workflow.


Inventor LT ™ software incorporates 3D CAD Mechanical and Digital Prototyping workflows in 2D. Extend your engineering process with an effective parametric modeling of parts, conversion multiCAD and DWG ™ drawing views.


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Add mechanical 3D in your modelling workflow

Inventor LT incorporates mechanical 3D CAD to your 2D workflows. Participate in the Digital prototyping workflows and compete in a more effective way. Get a powerful high level parametric model, multiCAD capabilities, automatized DWG drawing views and other CAD capacities found in Inventor in order to expand your 2D engineering process.

Ease the process of moving from 2D to a 3D mechanical environment with Inventor LT that offers a high level powerful design functionalities in the 3D side of Inventor. Autodesk Inventor LT allows you to integrate AutoCAD data safely and 3D in a unique and exact digital prototype, so you can optimize and validate designs digitally before manufacturing the real prototype.

Autodesk Inventor LT features

Data Import/Export

Data Import/Export with other 3D CAD software, a wide interoperability between users.

3D mechanical design

Mechanical part design in 3D environment, with a high level parametric model

DWG file format

Share 3D parts design and update DWG quickly and easily

AutoCAD LT 2D data reuse in Inventor LT

Starting the 3D design with a seamless interoperability, so you can choose the most appropriate software for any job.

Mechanical 3D tools within Inventor LT

Inventor LT Suite offers mechanical 3D CAD of Inventor LT, plus Autocad LT 2D design in a in one profitable platform.