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Autodesk Announces Fusion Production for Smart Manufacturing

Fusion Production is the newest cloud-based offering in the Fusion family of services. It allows contract manufacturers to digitize their production by combining production planning, job tracking and machine monitoring into a single, complete tool. Thanks to production and IIoT-enabled analytics, factory production managers are now able to harness the data gathered through production processes and make it visible in real-time across the supply chain.

12 Good Reasons to Adopt BIM for Facilities Management

12 Good Reasons to Adopt BIM for Facilities Management. The distribution and sharing of information required by the Facilities Management Team is crucial to achieving planned efficiency results, however, 3-D BIM visualization and modeling software is generally very sophisticated, relatively expensive, and very complex.

The Evolution Of Design: Making The Impossible A Reality

As the integration of equipment on the factory floor grows, more and more manufacturing companies are starting to think about Industry 4.0 – the new industrial revolution. Change is being driven across a range of industries thanks to automation, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – and manufacturing is no exception.

How to get started with additive manufacturing

How to get started with additive manufacturing. There are competitors in any industry and industrial machinery is no exception. Companies in this space are constantly on the lookout for new technologies, like additive manufacturing, to give them the edge. This edge though, can translate to an investment risk.

Autodesk Introduces New AutoCAD 2018

Autodesk announces new AutoCAD 2018 versions of leading CAD product line. Deeper PDF to CAD integrations headline new features. Autodesk has announced the latest release of its flagship CAD program, AutoCAD 2018. In this release, both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, get...

Autodesk: Next designers might be VR-native

Amar Hanspal, Autodesks’s product SVP, sees new design waves for the CAD veteran. Autodesk views the cloud as a fundamental new platform. More than just changing the method of software delivery and deployment, the cloud provides us with a way to address longstanding problems in the world of building and manufacturing.

Autodesk Project Escher Finds First Commercial Release in Cronus

Last year, the 3D printing industry was stirred by a new proofofconcept put forth by Autodesk known as Project Escher. With an exciting video demonstrating how the technology worked, Autodesk unveiled a method for simultaneously 3D printing different parts of an object with multiple printheads.

Autodesk Netfabb offers complete additive manufacturing solution

Autodesk Netfabb helps AM professionals move from CAD design to finished part efficiently. With its connected software for AM and design, Netfabb claims to provide insights for businesses to improve material selection, process simulation to validate build strategies, optimise designs and drive machines.

Augmented reality is driving construction’s creative reinvention

As the use of AR grows, the building industry will benefit from the ability to visualise virtual objects in the real world Construction projects can often be besieged by problems. Planners typically work off paper blueprints and drawings, which makes it harder to...

Autodesk Introduces Portfolio for the Future of Manufacturing

At IMTS 2016, Company Brings Together Autodesk, Delcam, HSM, Netfabb, Pan Computing and Magestic Systems for Complete Set of Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Solutions CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the world of manufacturing undergoing major disruptions brought...

BIM 360 Improves Team Productivity with New Release

By far the biggest change to the BIM 360 Team platform is the introduction of Version Compare, a tool that can make viewing and understanding design changes much easier in both 3D models and 2D sheets.

Autodesk announces comprehensive 3D manufacturing tool kit

Autodesk has announced the creation of a comprehensive tool kit for 3D manufacturing professionals, called Netfabb 2017. It will enable users to access all the software they could need in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve parts performance on an industrial scale