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Autodesk Within

Generative design software

Within generative design software solutions help engineers and orthopedic implant specialists produce lightweight, latticed designs that are functionally optimized and accurate for additive manufacturing.

Which Within product is right for you?

Within for mechanical engineers and designers.

Design and optimize internal lattices and skins for lightweighting, stiffness, or flexibility.

Design optimization & lightweight designs

See how to vary the densities of surface skins and internal lattices using Within design optimization software. Achieve results that are lighter weight than the original, as stiff or as flexible as needed, and have the aesthetics you want. The built-in optimization engine automatically refines parts for faultless additive manufacturing.


Lightweight design
Design lightweight parts using internal lattices.

Lattice and skin optimization
Vary thickness and spatial density.

Design simulation
Test how your design performs under load.

Built-in optimization engine
Automatically verifies and optimizes lattices and skins.

Additive manufacturing
Optimize designs for accurate manufacturing.

Within Medical for medical implant designers.

Generate porous and rough surface lattices to aid bone integration of implants.

Orthopedic software & implant design.

See how Within Medical orthopedic implant design software helps you create medical implants optimized for 3D printing. Generate micron-accurate rough lattice surfaces to aid fixation with bone. Improve osseointegration using porous random lattices and lattice topologies to encourage cell growth.


Porous random latticing
Design porous random lattices for medical implants.

Solid interfacing
Precisely control interfaces between lattices and solids.

Rough lattice surfaces
Reduce stress shielding, improve bone growth.

Variable lattice density
Easily vary lattice thickness and spatial arrangement.

Conformal lattices
Quickly conform lattices along surfaces for custom implants.