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Natural resources

Autodesk software helps make it easier and more efficient sustainable design companies.

Autodesk will help to promote sustainable development on the planet


While there is no simple answer to our problems of environment and natural resources, Autodesk applications helps promote sustainable development on the planet whatever the activity undertaken, from look for minerals, oil or water to recovery habitat or cultivation of cereals.

Autodesk is working with architects, engineers, and designers most important products in the world to raise awareness and increase adoption of sustainable design principles. Providing software that can be used to predict the performance of a design, we can help customers incorporate sustainable design principles into their practices, contributing to a means cleaner and healthier environment.


The benefits of Autodesk software are many and include:


  • Substantial reduction of waste material.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • More accurate assessment of project life cycles.
  • Significant reduction of time, resources and costs necessary to create truly sustainable buildings and products.

Control costs and productivity


Industries related to natural resources such as oil, water and mineral resources, are currently facing a difficult global economic environment and likely to endure. This means it is no longer possible to predict the variable commodity demand or excess supply.

Solutions must be found immediately, since the gap between income and expenditure has been declining over time and most likely worse. If we use the industry-leading applications while studying what happens in other industries in order to identify effective technologies, perhaps overcome this situation, ensuring the sustainability of recursos naturales industry today and in the future.

Thanks to our solutions, resource companies have the necessary solutions to manage the sites, equipment and personnel more effectively. They can better control costs and increase productivity. They can improve their ability to maintain their activity on their sites, providing vital support to local communities, they face a difficult economic context, while providing added confidence and shareholder value.


Action Areas Autodesk solutions for natural resources


Oil and gas

Through better and more intuitive tools, engineers, designers and project managers in the oil and gas can work more efficiently and streamline all phases of design projects. Autodesk solutions for oil and gas minimize complexity, facilitate collaboration and maximize productivity throughout the project life cycle.

Mining and metals

From the mine to delivery to the end customer, Autodesk technology helps you improve your business by optimizing processes that control costs and increase productivity.