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Video game


With Autodesk take creativity, productivity and interoperability of art through the development process of their game.



Elevate the game design to a new level with Autodesk options


Take the design and creation of the game to a new level, bringing worlds and characters have life. Create advanced rigging elements, change the lighting of complex surfaces texture maps, and deliver a rich visual experience in the game that keeps users engaged with the game.


Developers use the design software 3D game to compete.


Creating 3D assets allows mobile game developers differentiate titles and improve production efficiency through faster iteration. Autodesk Gameware helps accelerate the sophisticated interaction of the game, creating the user interface for the game engine Unity and 2D runtime for mobile devices.


Areas where our solutions help you be more competitive in their environment


  • High / low-resolution models, UV.
  • Skinning, rigging.
  • Normal maps, displacement maps.
  • Shaders, texture
  • Animation.
  • The transfer of 3D data.
  • The motion capture.
  • Navigation mesh.
  • Simulation and representation.
  • Lighting.
  • Middleware.


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