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Film and television

High quality resolution for compositions of high speed, advanced graphics, and interactive designs with Autodesk Visual Effects (VFX).

Create stunning movies and TV content with Autodesk


Count more compelling stories with Autodesk solutions. From meshes high quality production and rigging with automatic mixing live action and 3D animation character, visual effects software Autodesk helps you bring your ideas to life faster and easier.

Virtual production capture difficult shots camera


Capture camera shots otherwise impossible with virtual cinematography, for greater production flexibility. The visual effects software Autodesk helps tell your story in a whole new way.


The preview will help you save time and budget


Communicate, take the plan in advance and stay within budget with the help of Autodesk VFX software for previewing.


Our solutions help you be more competitive in several areas


  • Storyboards, character design.
  • Preview.
  • Preliminary Engineering.
  • Modeling and UVs.
  • Textures and skinning.
  • Matte paintings.
  • Removing the camera.
  • The transfer of 3D data.
  • Animation and lighting.
  • Simulation and representation.
  •  Finishing and editing.

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