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Consumer products

Autodesk offers designers and manufacturers of consumer tools that span the design to manufacturing process.

Create, manage and share designs in a single workflow


Industry Consumer Goods and Retail is at the center of a virtual revolution oriented consumer. Consumers have more and more devices and more, and want to spend more each time, so expect a higher offer and seek new experiences buying in the store and online. At the same time, the pressure on costs continues and instability that we live affects global sourcing.

Create more innovative products consumption, with a new design, reduce development time and efficiently collaborate with partners and suppliers. Go from concept to market introduction with a set of tools that cover all phases of product development to manufacturing. Innovation in the design phase and visualization tools that reduce product development time and help reduce costs.

Conceptual design and style

Save time during the conceptual design phase using a common development platform between design and engineering teams. Organize, manage and track their conceptual design data so that the entire team can participate in the design process.

Product evaluation and marketing communication

Convey ideas at the beginning of the design process and help your team members to visualize market trends. Search, share and reuse data between computers using a common management platform to accelerate collaboration data and prevent data loss.

Detailed engineering

Creates detailed digital models of their designs before they are actually improving product reliability by submitting your design to the stress you will experience in the real world.

Design tools

Reduce and eliminate the remnants design hours analyzing the wear and impact tools will have to bear, reduce costs by evaluating the impact of injection points, length of the cavity, and mold cooling.


Use existing design data and leverage the assets of the pre factory set to accelerate the creation of configurations in its factory, improve product quality and reduce costs by predicting processes injection molding plastic, manage efficiently their manufacturing design data so that all stakeholders can find, share and be reused.

Support and warranty

Create product documentation that this updated, access it interactively. Give your teams all the product information they need to meet quality certifications and safety requirements.

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