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Automotive OEMs

The design and manufacture of best cars from tools designed by Autodesk for automakers.

Increase efficiency and quality in production engineering


Create concepts and high quality designs early in the process of car design. Help improve decision making with almost photorealistic visualization real-time decisions. Cut cost and time simulation. Increase efficiency and quality in production engineering and improve the flexibility and results in the production planning.

Support for lightweight construction and materials substitution. The design of cars with greater fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 footprint is a priority for automakers today. Autodesk provides tools that support the replacement of materials and help simulate and optimize plastic parts lightweight. Stay in compliance with environmental regulations and standards with software design vehicles that helps you stay one step ahead.


Autodesk helps you through optimization to achieve sustainability


Tools that help you achieve your sustainability goals. Sustainability is an important automobile manufacturing factor today. To help you achieve your sustainability goals, Autodesk provides tools for initial factory optimization, flow analysis of the factory, and the simulation of light workplace. It helps reduce energy costs and water consumption, and help provide a better working environment for your team

Workflow for OEMs automotive design, simulation and manufacturing


  • Technical surfaces.
  • Sales and marketing, POS.
  • Product engineering.
  • Simulation product.
  • Design of production equipment.
  • Planning plant.
  • Documentation.