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Industry and manufacturing

Addressing the global challenge, innovate and stay ahead of competition. Manage your business smarter and faster.

Autodesk solutions for the design, development and service of industrial products


Industrial and manufacturing sector includes many companies of different sizes, from factories machinery and electronic components to the entire automotive or aeronautical sector. Industrial sector is large and diverse, but many actors face similar challenges. Incremental costs for oil, natural gas, steel and copper are squeezing margins, unless they are offset by increases in fees and prices.

Compare today’s industrial products with those of just 10 years ago; incorporate more content, high-tech electronics and software must meet the demands of various operating conditions in geographically dispersed markets, they must comply with local regulations in these markets, be “green” and have the highest quality possible, and should be optimized for the costs operational life cycle can cope with the emerging low-cost competition.

Complete solutions in all phases of product development


The great challenges require big solutions. Autodesk offers complete solutions in all phases of product development to service the life cycle of their products.

  • Implement a quality system to deliver a safe and reliable product high quality.
  • Optimize resources for product development.
  • Manage the proliferation of mechatronics and integrated among various software engineering disciplines.
  • Implement the development of green products and manage product performance to meet regulations, legislation and market demands.
  • Enable design in context in a heterogeneous environment for designing complex products with more variants using various tools.
  • Improve after-sales service solutions operations to generate revenue, profit and customer loyalty.

The need for more investment in technology and people


Increase productivity and performance of their manufacturing assets or Reach out to new global markets. Improve safety and reliability of its products, reduce costs and time to market, meet local and international standards and minimize business risk. We can help in the development of products and processes, regulatory compliance, management of the supply chain, plant management and asset management.


Action Areas Autodesk solutions for manufacturing industry



With Autodesk efficiently adapt to changes and demands of the automotive industry. Check the experience a seamless design process from concept to completion.

Construction products, machinery and manufacturing

Design, visualize and simulate products and construction equipment digitally, and create BIM models ready to help win project bids, get with Autodesk designs and simulations more compelling products.

Consumer products

Autodesk offers designers and manufacturers of consumer tools that span the design to manufacturing process. Create, manage and share designs in a single workflow.