Increase productivity and get a more accurate vision.


Integrate and analyze project information more comprehensive way to increase productivity and gain a more accurate, accessible and applicable vision throughout the life cycle of their water and wastewater design projects. Design alternatives deliver higher quality, and facilitate the support of stakeholders. Tools water and wastewater processes more holistic design. Engineering service providers and owners need to access, integrate and analyze information more comprehensive project to increase productivity and gain a more accurate, accessible and actionable vision. Manage infrastructure more reliable models of water and wastewater rich in data, identify network problems, such as leaks and old pipes, and support future decisions of operations, maintenance and capital planning decision.

BIM get carry out water treatment plants more efficient


Plan, design and build treatment plants for drinking water and more accurate and efficient wastewater. You can accelerate and enhance all stages of the process, from design proposals and initial plans through 3D visualizations end and construction – water and wastewater treatment fromSoftware plant design that supports Building Information Modeling (BIM) flows of work. Optimize collaboration, communication and coordination among distributed teams and organizations to deliver higher quality designs faster.

BIM benefits the projects of water treatment and wastewater. Companies working on projects of water and wastewater treatment are using BIM to maximize the value of the models across the lifecycle of project design and construction plan.




  • Proposed establishment.
  • Planning.
  • Preliminary Engineering.
  • The detailed design and documentation.
  • Display.
  • Coordination of construction.