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Develop more reliable transport projects by exploring design concepts, visualization of ideas and communication of results.

Civil infrastructure for better transportation


Create intelligent models for road, rail and airport projects, or projects related to ports. Make design decisions and management with better information by designing in the context of the existing environment and deliver higher quality projects using Autodesk solutions for transportation.

Meets the expectations of time and sustainability


Explore design concepts, information analysis holistically, and communicates the results with Autodesk solutions to design rail. Access, integrate and analyze information to generate preliminary designs runners rail system and displays the railway project. Determine the optimal location for rail systems in the context of the existing environment, train stations design and create platform components that follow the geometry of the track to perfection.

Meet the expectations of project time and sustainability. Expectations are increasing for organizations to deliver more sustainable and safer assets in a shorter time. Autodesk solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM). The owners of rail support, engineering service providers, and contractors access, integrate and analyze information more holistically to increase productivity and improve the way they think, build and manage projects.

More and better information for design


Use Autodesk solutions for road design to evaluate existing conditions and generate data-rich proposals. Design and documentation solutions based on intelligent models. deconstruction practically to help identify conflicts in time plan. Managing information by standardizing the data collection process as a function of the configurable models industry.

Provide valuable information to deliver projects of roads and highways. With the current economic situation and lack of infrastructure, projects are more complex and financing is more difficult. The wide range of Autodesk Building Information Modeling (BIM) for infrastructure solutions helps transportation agencies, engineering consultants and contractors to gain valuable information to improve the way they plan, design, build and manage projects of roads and highways.

Design and documentation solutions based on intelligent models


Accelerating bridge design and construction of projects with integrated design, visualization and analysis. Use Autodesk solutions to design bridges will help accelerate project completion. Design and documentation solutions based on intelligent models. Construction plan virtually to help validate the feasibility of building bridges.

Creating and displaying more realistic civilian structures to evaluate design options faster bridges as part of the overall project design of roads. Create detailed designs with faster productivity tools that help you define the bridge components quickly and easily. more easily understand the structural behavior with graphic screens side by side data and results in all phases of design and stress analysis.

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