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Services and telecommunications

Autodesk telecommunications and utilities help you plan, design, build and help manage more efficiently.

Autodesk helps reduce the cost and complexity of projects


Improve planning, design, and management workflows, create more accurate models, and help get the right information to the right people at the right time. Autodesk extends the reach and value of their information assets of its infrastructure.

Better planning, design and management


Autodesk’s solutions help you plan, design and manage networks and gas distribution substations and electricity. Improve how to plan, design, build and manage infrastructure assets gas and electricity. More confidently plan, design and document more consistently, build their projects more reliably, and manage their projects more reliable intelligent power distribution models.

With many active transmission and distribution of electricity and gas aging and in need of replacement, companies are investing in technology to improve the way they manage data associated with planning and project design capital improvement and maintenance operating assets. 3D modeling tools and visualization to facilitate collaboration. Many organizations are beginning to incorporate modeling tools and 3D visualization to improve communication internally and collaborate with designers and non-technical stakeholders, and externally with the public, other engineering and construction companies, and government agencies.

Improve the way to capture and share data


We help you manage data more efficiently in the management of public water service. With our help you can improve how you capture and share data on existing conditions with asset management software from Autodesk health. Keep informed operations and equipment maintenance, assessments speed efficiency, and provide better customer service with vital, up-to-date information about their systems and future activities. Interagency coordination and collaboration. Save time and money by working with other departments or agencies on schedules and project plans. Communicate timely information to the public on scheduled maintenance and repairs.

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