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Civil infrastructure

The development of public infrastructure involves the participation of several partners and process more agile and integrated concurrent engineering.

Autodesk helps you plan, design, construct and manage civil and utility infrastructure.


The development of public infrastructure enables the construction of property for public use and enjoyment. It has direct and indirect economic effects through more effective management of urban infrastructure that serves as the basis of economic activity and social life of our citizens, and contributes to regional revitalization. Industry Architecture, Engineering and Construction has therefore great social responsibilities. You must combine efficiency and ease of use, adopting an effective operational design and verifying the ability of long-term structures. In general, the development of public infrastructure requires strict compliance with codes and standards of industrial construction and adoption of industrial processes to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements.

Public bodies are increasingly seeking access to resources and expertise in the private sector through new project management systems known as public-private partnerships (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI). As a result, construction companies today should seek to collaborate with a multitude of stakeholders, presenting a “visualization” of projects and trying to optimize long-term investment (ROI) return, while taking into account the whole life cycle of the project.

Autodesk solutions for civil infrastructure help you:


  • Working together as a team and collaboratively.
  • Deliver fully integrated and standardized projects.

Land development

Streamline land development projects and more efficiently deliver projects.


Develop more reliable transport projects by exploring design concepts, visualization of ideas and communication of results.

Services and telecommunications

Improve the planning, design, build and manage their design projects water infrastructure.

Water and wastewater treatment

Designing more efficiently, improve system performance construction, and collaborate more effectively.

Computer territory

Start with confidence the regional and urban planning engineering projects.