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Mechanical, electrical & plumbing

Designing more efficiently, improve system performance construction, and collaborate more effectively.

Analysis solutions for design optimization and collaboration


Autodesk MEP solutions help engineers, designers and draftsmen to better manage their work and improve efficiency from the initial design to the life cycle of the building. Autodesk MEP Engineering Solutions for BIM offer analysis tools for design optimization and collaboration.

Solutions that help you improve productivity, accuracy and coordination of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design and documentation through:


Reduce the economic pressure


Some of the challenges faced by MEP professionals include increased pressure on prices and budget constraints, the rising costs of materials, and industry movement toward building information modeling (BIM) and sustainable design . MEP Engineering Solutions Autodesk offer integrated solutions to help MEP engineers to better manage processes more efficient design tools. Autodesk MEP Engineering Solutions help engineers, designers and draftsmen to better assess and improve efficiency in new and existing construction projects. Using the power of BIM and integrated analysis, engineers are better able to optimize designs, visualize the intent and simulate and analyze design options, helping to deliver on time and within budget.

Improve environmental impact


Buildings are one of the largest contributors to emissions of greenhouse gases. Autodesk MEP Engineering Solutions can help you improve the performance of buildings and improve the predictability and reliability for new projects and design systems.

Technological change process


To remain competitive in today’s market, engineering firms should be farsighted and innovative. As competition increases, MEP professionals need to retain existing customers, while expanding their business and attract new customers. As architects, construction managers and general contractors continue to adopt BIM, the best positioned companies to increase business will be those already working in some formats BIM enabled and accepted by the industry. Autodesk MEP Engineering Solutions provide tools that help manage existing processes through BIM design, enabling engineering professionals to evaluate design options faster and perform analysis, and more smoothly collaborate with stakeholders design.

Our solutions help you be more competitive in several areas


  • Detailed design.
  • Sustainable design of buildings.
  • Improved productivity and accuracy of the MEP documentation.
  • Making design digital MEP.
  • Collaboration and coordination optimized.
  • Improved decision making.

Soluciones para mecánica, electricidad y fontanería.

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