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Get with Autodesk reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve the quality of construction.

Experience a seamless design process


Construction worldwide recorded a large increase in the coming years, to a volume of 12 billion in 2020. However, industry wastes more than 120 billion euros each year in the US alone, due to failure of schedules and budgets and other shortcomings. The industry must increase its level of industrialization and standardization, as did the manufacturing decades ago, using the collaborative design, prefabrication and modularization.

Evaluate and improve the constructability of the design and improve the process of project implementation with field management is now possible thanks to Autodesk solutions for virtual construction. Deliver more effective planning, improve coordination and control through a greater knowledge of the design and pre-project predictability through execution, construction is essential for a project feasible steps.

Autodesk solutions favor centralized project management and data facilitates the realization of construction simulations to optimize planning and implementation, and allows the right information reaches the right person at the right time. Autodesk and solutions will provide four major advantages. First, it provides greater visibility, which implies a significant increase in profits. Project status in real time can identify what tasks will generate profits and losses. In addition, the link with the supply function allows cost control. The second advantage is the optimization of cash flow. Accurate measurement of the distribution of tasks and deadlines can implement a system based on the acquired value approach. Coupled with the delivery of prefabricated, this advantage accelerates payments. The third advantage is a unified 3D version of the data. 3D visualization stimulates understanding of complex projects through a common language. Fourth, waste reduction and increased benefits. The smooth construction is possible with feasible and reasonable plan, based on the project’s status in real time.


Areas where our solutions help you be more competitive in their environment


Modeling Construction

Create interactive simulations and realistic and to communicate more easily and as the job runs visualizations.


Keeping budgets calculating more accurate material quantities and cost estimates.


Reduce waste and minimize RFIs, managing and resolving conflicts before construction.

Planning and Logistics

Avoid delays and rework budgets, simulate the sequence of activities and will help identify potential problems.


Minimize material waste, improve work efficiency and increase field productivity by designing custom built components for manufacturing.

Distribution and management

Distribution and Management on site, reduce contractual risk, security, performance and financial accountability by automating tracking problems, quality management, and access to project data.

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