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Architecture, engineering and construction

Develop and effectively manage their buildings lifecycle with Autodesk

Buildings and public infrastructure are critical elements of society as they represent the life support and social activity of our citizens. Consume a lot of energy and other resources, increasing environmental impact. The construction costs are rising rapidly worldwide and is expected to reach 13.2% of world GDP in 2020. While activity in this sector increases, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry continues to face challenges, such as improving sustainability the built environment, integrating a chain broad and dispersed supply, and manage the risks associated with development. Meanwhile, the sector looks increasingly time efficiency and profitability through optimized industrial processes.


Various solutions that allow you to manage the complex reality of the construction sector

Autodesk solutions for construction range from the most advanced technology for modeling building information (BIM) to the most widely adopted solutions for design and documentation supporting the information needs and management throughout the life cycle of the construction.

Design and construct buildings on time and within budget

Autodesk’s solutions help sectors of Architecture, Engineering and Construction to build buildings and to effectively manage their life cycle.


Experience a seamless design process from concept to completion.

Building Owners, Operations & Management

Streamline operations and manage information throughout the building lifecycle to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve construction quality.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Designing more efficiently, improve system performance construction, and collaborate more effectively.

Structural engineering

Structural engineers and drafters are discovering new ways to do their work and stay competitive.