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Autodesk Revit LT

Enjoy a workflow more efficient and intuitive modeling with Autodesk Revit LT


Creating and sharing design documentation is more efficient with the design tools and intuitive system drawing system. The familiar environment offers users the opportunity for immediate productivity gains with the flexibility to learn additional features at their own pace. The format of files in the DWG leading industry facilitates the exchange and communication with design professionals.

Designs and produces high-quality documentation in a 3D environment based on models and share their designs using other software based on Autodesk Revit or AutoCAD platforms.

Designs and produces high-quality documentation process within a BIM (Building Information Modeling) which allows you to design and document simultaneously 3D construction projects.

Features Autodesk Revit LT

  • Explore your virtual 3D designs generated 3D views from any angle to view the entire design space.
  • Improve the effectiveness of coordinated design using a 3D environment based on models that automatically manages design changes.
  • Save time with schedules that are automatically generated directly from the model. Changes to a schedule view are automatically reflected in the plans, sections and elevations model.

  • Minimize the cost of changes and manual coordination with software that produces high-quality documentation and manages the changes made to the building model throughout the design process.
  • Easily exchange files with team members or customers using other software based on the Revit or AutoCAD platforms to improve collaboration on projects.

Transfer to a BIM environment (Building Information Modeling) functions rendering 3D models in the cloud with Autodesk Subscription.