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Autodesk Maya LT


Create 3D objects for independent or mobile game with a tool designed for work and affordable, based on the recognized Autodesk Maya animation software.



Software 3D modeling and animation designed for Indie game developers and mobile


Based on the award-winning Autodesk Maya, this product may mark a before and after, as it has been designed to address the exponential growth that is currently experiencing the gaming industry, both in terms of mobile products and production independent developers using Unity, UDK, Corona and other popular video game engines. Maya LT offer a user interface and flows similar to those of his predecessor work and, for the first time, will the popular Maya tools available to developers of small and medium size, all at accessible prices.

Autodesk Maya Indie LT allows developers to model, light and animate characters, accessories and 3D environments, mobile games, web and PC. Thanks to the software Microsoft® DirectX® 11 that enables viewport. Maya LT helps preview the assets as they will appear in the game. Along with creating textures from high to low resolution for 3D models and a polygon reduction tool, Maya LT helps users to efficiently create game content for a wide range of mobile devices.


Features Autodesk Maya LT


Among the main features that Maya LT features are modeling tools professionals, materials, ShaderFX, animation tools based on Autodesk Maya and Autodesk HumanIK, as well as standard file formats in the industry as FBX and effective workflows with most game engines like Unity, Unreal and CryEngine.

Developers can take advantage of the format Autodesk FBX file exchange to help import and export content to game engines.

With a simple user interface navigation, documents and detailed videos, Maya LT is ideal for artists with different levels of knowledge and skill choice.